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Reports within 24 Hours

Once your home inspection is complete, you will have access within 24 hours to an advanced comprehensive inspection report produced using HomeGauge’s industry-leading software. Your digital report includes descriptive summaries and high-resolution video and photos. The report is available on smartphone, tablet or computer.


Create Request List

You and your realtor will benefit from the unique Create Request List™, which allows you to itemize inspection findings into an interactive list to help in any communication with the seller. The convenience of the CRL™ enables all parties to monitor and prioritize repairs and simplify real estate negotiations.
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I am a Certified Home Inspector with the American Society of Home Inspectors

What will my Home Inspection cover

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I will check and report on the operation of all permanently installed major appliances in the kitchen


I will thoroughly inspect and report on the operation of all the fittings and fixtures in the bathroom, and recommend areas where performance can be improved


The kitchen cabinets, sinks, countertops, plumbing and electricity will be checked for correct operation, installation and functionality. Just remember even old and ugly cabinets can still be workable. You spend a lot of time in a kitchen, so it is good to know it is at least safe to work in.


The basement is where a lot of the money lives. Foundation, structure, major heating equipment and appliances, insulation, plumbing distribution and electrical supply are all critically examined and reported on.

Cooling System

The cooiling system - outside condensor and its installation, and indoor equipment and operation are checked as long as it is environmentally safe to do so. Most cooilng equipnet should not be operated at low temperatures. If it is too cold, the system is give as thorough a visual check as is possible. Your agent will be well versed in what needs to be done to satisfactorily close the deal.

Electrical System

From the external connection to the internal receptacles, fixtures and switches, your electrical system is checked for safety and correct installation and performance. This is a major sysytem with serious safety implications. It is thoroughly examined and reported on. There are many facets to this side of the inspection.

Detached Garages and Buildings

Anything less than or equal to a 2 car detached garage is includede by me in your inspection. It receives the same treatment as the main dwelling. If it is larger than your average 2 car garage - over 1000 sq ft - an extra charge will apply. If it is conditioned space with a permanently installed heating system and/or plumbing etc, a further charge will also apply. These charges are viewable here


The roof is a critical element in any home inspection. I will not walk on steep roofs, defering to the responsible and safer use of roof edge viewing, binoculars and any other accesible location to inspect visually. Lower slope roofs on most ranches or flat roofs that are accessible are usually walked on, it just depoends on conditions on the day.

Insulation and Ventilation

We are talking attic insulation and ventilation here, and a healthy, energy efficient home requires high performance of these inter-related systems. You will have an understanding of the conditions at the time of inspection, and a road map for suggested changes.

Electric Panel

Yes, I do remove the cover where safe and readily accessible - in over 600 inspections only one house had a panel not inspected. I may use an infra-red camera to spot hidden deficiencies, and inspect the general wiring and operation of those GFCI and AFCI circuit breakers with test buttons. Fused panels and those by Federal Pacific are not inspected. You are strongly advised to assume these types to be unsafe and to upgrade immediately.


This is where it can get confusing. Mostly this is visual and previously known to you. It may be why you love the house. I am not inspecting aesthetics or presentation, just how things are. Minor blemishes and deficiencies are not likely to be reported on. Still, we will spend quite some time critically examining the interior conditions to ensure safety and functionality.


I do not operate the washer and dryer. I inspect and report on the installation only of these appliances, which are not considered permanently installed.


A thorough walkaround of the dwelling, paying attention to grading, vegetation, siding, windows, doors, steps, porches, decks and balconies. A lot to see and a lot to report on


The plumbing system is critically observed and reported on. I am looking at a lot of things you may not even know exist, so there is quite a lot to report on and make recommendations about.


At the same time a complicated yet fairly simple system with one job. It just has to hold the house up. Any problems here are usually expensive to fix. Your inspection will examine this sytem very carefully, so you will know where you stand.


The heating system is an important componenet to any home owner. Old, inefficient appliances can literally blow your money up the chimney. From hot water boilers, steam boilers, furnaces, heat pumps and electric heating, all are thoroughly and critically examined and reported on.

Anyone else is just looking around


Over 600 Inspections

I have accumulated a lot of information on the inner workings of homes, and am ready to share as much as possible with my clients. You are my sole focus during this time. I am there to give you the objective unbiased opinions you need to make sure this decision is the right one.


No-one has all day

You will be surprised at the vast scope of the inspection, and additionally surprised at the efficient pace we will go. Nothing will interfere with doing the thorough job you need, but I understand that both you and your agent deserve consideration for your time. It should not be felt as being wasted


I like what I do

I am proud of the job I do with my clients on a Home Inspection. It is satisfying to know I helped people make the best decision based on the inspection. Most inspections result in significant financial consideration for the buyer, so I am always plesaed to hear of positive outcomes

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